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12 фактов про...

Рубрика о преподавателях школы
Анна, автор

Привет, меня зовут Анна, и я администратор школы на Бессарабке. Я веду рубрику
"12 фактов", в которой расскажу вам о нашей команде. Каждый выпуск посвящен 12 интересным фактам об одном из наших преподавателей.
Юлия – преподает английский в школе на Бессарабке. Кроме того, изучает французский и профессионально занимается эстрадным вокалом. Преподаёт с 2015 года и отлично знает своё дело.

Женственная, целеустремлённая и доброжелательная, сегодня она – звезда нашего интервью!
If you had a day off from work and study, where would you go/what would you do?
— I would sleep and eat a lot, and I would go to another city to walk, drink coffee and enjoy my life.
Я бы отдала все силы сну и еде. Еще я бы поехала в другой город, наслаждалась бы прогулкой, кофе и жизнью в целом.

Top-5 books everyone should read in your opinion ? What makes them good?
— «The Master and Margarita» by Bulgakov, «Jane Eyre» by Bronte, «Pride and Prejudice» by Austen, «The Picture of Dorian Gray» by Wilde, «Seagull Jonathan Livingston» by Bach.
10 Things you want to do before 30.
— To climb the career ladder, to deliver a baby, to buy a flat, to visit at least 5 countries, to go to ballroom dance courses, to become confident in everything I do, to learn to cook sophisticated dishes, to get a driving license, to buy a car, to knit a sweater.
Добиться успехов в карьере, родить ребенка, купить квартиру, побывать хотя бы в 5 странах, записаться на уроки бальных танцев, стать уверенной во всех поступках, научиться готовить блюда высокой кухни, получить водительские права, купить машину, связать свитер.
We know that you are a good singer. Tell us more about your hobby.
— I finished music school where I learnt to play the piano. My mother is a musician, and she inculcated love of music in me.

5 weird things you like?
— It's the smell of soap powder, as well as a slice of lemon while drinking tea but there should be no sugar and that slice shouldn't be put in tea. I often watch the same movie several times, choose cosmetics for a long time and listen to a song I like at least 10 times (when I hear it for the first time).
Are you a superstitious person? Do you believe in Omens?
— I am a little bit superstitious. I don't believe in all the omens, but I'm still not very happy when I see a black cat on my way.
Did you have a list of dream jobs in childhood? What was the first one?
— First of all I wanted to be a singer. But as a teen I wanted to be a journalist.
Do you like to cook? What was the most difficult dish to cook?
— I like tasty dishes, that's why I cook. I can't say that I am very keen on cooking. I just don't mind doing it when I have enough time, then it feels good. The most sophisticated meal I've cooked is the cake «Mosaic».
Are you a dog or cat person?
— I would classify myself as a cat person, though I don't have any pets at all, as I am not ready to have one.
A quote you try to live by/or just want to?
— Contented with little yet wishing for more.
The craziest thing you have ever done?
— I was enjoying the trip on a yacht at sea, and to reach the yacht I had to use an inflatable boat. It was at night. Since I am not a good swimmer, it was scaring.
Your biggest dream in life?
— To live happily with my future family in a cozy house and at the same time to have enough time for self-development, career, travelling and for myself.
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