Types of

and Music styles
General or Yes/No Questions
Qs with a simple answers
"Yes" or "No"

The answer can be a brief "yes" or "no."

A longer answer can be given: "Yes, I do." "No, I don't like this jacket."
Note: Answer = Question
A$AP Rocky

Hip Hop
Questions to A$AP
Do you like your country?
Does Jane know about your new job?
Can I call your sound producer?
Is your band ready for the trip?
Are you hungry?

Special or
Wh- Questions

Who, what, where, when, why, how, how many are used to begin the question
We use special questions to get specific information.
Answer will be more detailed.

Questions to
Chris Martin
Where are you from?
When did you start singing?
How did you meet?
How many guitars do you need for the concert?


They do not require an auxiliary verb.

We replace the subject with the question word.
Answer is the same as the Question.
Billy Eilish

Questions to Billy
Who told you?
What happened?
Who wrote music for "Bad Guy"?
Who is your boyfriend?

Choice or

Offers a choice of several answers.
They are made up of two parts, which are connected by the conjunction OR.
Choice questions can be either general or specific.
The Chemical Brothers

Electronic music
Questions to
The Chemical Brothers
Do you like ice cream or sweets?
Where would you go, to the cinema or the club?
Are you famous or not?
Which city did you like more Kyiv or LA?
Disjunctive or Tag Questions
Made up of two parts: the first part is a positive statement, and the second part is negative.

The first part of the sentence defines the expected answer.
Positive statement = positive answer is expected;
negative statement = negative answer is expected.
Classical music
Questions to
the Musician
She sent him an invitation, didn't she? – Yes, she did.
You aren't going to fail at the concert, are you? – No, I am not.
You next tour isn't in France, is it? – No, it isn't.
Your director will come soon, won't he? – Yes, he will.
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